NEW PRODUCT: House of Intuition

A fresh offer is available at House of Intuition, straight from the Potion Room. See below:

2022 Taurus Birthday Box

Celebrate this relentless sign of loyalty, strength and determination.

This curated Taurus box offers tools, talismans and treasures to get in touch with your inner voice to become more intuitive and instinctual. It is not only those born under this zodiac sign, but for anyone who wishes to bring the spiritual energy of Taurus and its mystical momentum on their journey.

Achieve a more harmonious and focused journey ahead with their specially curated Magic Candle, Crystal, Bracelet, Spray, Tarot Deck and Mystery Mystical Ritual Tool.

As always, code INSPIRE10 gets you 10% off sitewide!+

+ Exclusions: Discount does not apply to Online Classes, Zodiac Birthday Boxes, Books, Tarot Decks, Affirmation Soy Candles & Roll Ons, Protection Amulet Collection, Gift Certificates, Readings, Route Shipping Insurance. 

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NEW PRODUCT: Curst Kosmetics


French Cade Lavender

Whipped Body Butter

Stroll through the gypsy lavender fields with their buttery whipped body butter. Their whipped body butter was designed not only to leave your skin feeling nice and soft, but also to moisturize and resolve dry and crackly skin. This formula is thick and you will need only a thin layer to keep your skin feeling hydrated.

Scoop a dime size and apply to skin.

French Cade Lavender – Whipped Body Butter

As always, any Curst Cosmetics purchase uses coupon code NADINEWA at checkout!

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