8/25 House of the Promos

💄National Lipstick Day 💋

No Clouds Allowed in the Sky! ☀️

I’m Your Handy Man 🛠

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps

Heavenly Widened Roses 🥀

Up To Extra 15% Off
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If Only I Could Hunt the Hunter

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Here ya go! Tuesday morning codes. I have more but those will require a bit more searching so they’ll just come later today. I’m also entertaining the idea of posting music from Amazon, being an affiliate and all.

No, I have not forgotten my yoga journey. It begins today! But later.

Wednesdays Have Never Had It So Good

Oh, were you expecting my yoga journey to start this week? Nope. In true procrastinator fashion, I will begin at the beginning of next week… or maybe the first day of the following weekend 😆… but definitely beginning this journey this year. See how procrastination works? I might even shock myself with a bout of motivation and start tomorrow! Unlikely, but I could…

I watched a movie last night starring Miles Teller and the best Chris (Hemsworth) called Spiderhead. I thought it was quirky and fun. This movie is not to be taken seriously and you will need to lower your reality scale to ”believe anything,” but it’s interesting and choosing between Hemsworth’s looks and Teller’s character’s personality kept me watching for more. Hemsworth won, in case you’re wondering. For the record, I was waaaaaaaay more impressed with the movie he recently directed, Interceptor. Girl power! 🎀💪🏼

20% Off Sitewide

I’m gonna insert a little business talk here for a mo’.

As you are aware, the 4th of July is almost upon us and with that comes millions of 4oJ sales 🧨 Brands, like SKIMS, who don’t offer promotions ever start throwing out sales and promos like it’s the End Times. Aside from Christmas, the 4oJ sales events saves consumers the most money. Even surpassing every holiday’s mattress sales ::sarcasm:: 😬 Wtf is that about anyways? How is a mattress a Memorial Day item? Or Veteran’s Day? Or any of them?

15% Off Sitewide

Gonna Mix It Up A Lil 😀

Morning, y’all! Lol, it’s 20 minutes to noon 😂 Anyways, I have an amazing load of codes and promos for y’all today! And it’s such a beautiful day out; I really hope you find the time to enjoy it… unless it’s hot where you are. Then I wish you luck in finding adequate air conditioning 🥵

Today, I think I’m gonna shake my layout up a bit and include my thoughts as well as the codes. Just something new to try.

:: Meanwhile, I just got distracted by unfollowing people on Twitter who unfollow me. For 20 minutes ::

So, I’ve been perusing other blogs and trying to get ideas to widen my reach. I have social media, but it’s just not taking off. I’m beginning to doubt that I’m even doing this affiliate marketing thing correctly. I really don’t want to find out I’ve been scouring the internet daily for codes to post and no one’s reading them 😒

The part that sucks… I love this. I love scouring the ’net. I love web design and blog posts. I love fashion and helping people. I love learning HTML, Java, CSS, all that stuff. Losing myself to my work for the afternoon is all I want to do. It’s everything I love and I really wanted to be able to support myself with it. Because sleeping all day doesn’t pay well at all 😴 🛌