Shark HyperAir™ Hair Dryer w/ IQ 2-in-1 Concentrator & Styling Brush

Oh… you haven’t heard of this? Well, excuse my French, but you’re gonna shit. I mean it.

The Shark HyperAIR with IQ 2-in-1 Concentrator and IQ Styling Brush attachments features HyperAIR IQ Technology that intelligently combines high-velocity heated air and ionized air for ultra-fast drying with no heat damage, for styles that last.

  • ULTRA-FAST DRYING: HyperAIR IQ Technology intelligently combines high-velocity heated air and ionized air for ultra-fast drying with no heat damage.
  • NO HEAT DAMAGE: Intelligent heat control measures outlet heat up to 1,000 times per second, ensuring consistent temperature and air distribution for quick, even drying so you never have to worry about extreme heat damage.
  • STYLES THAT LAST: Auto-optimized heat and airflow settings from HyperAIR ensure your styles last all day long. HyperAIR includes dual optical sensors that automatically recognize stylers and intelligently set heat and airflow.
  • NEGATIVE ION GENERATOR: Increases smoothness and shine while decreasing frizz and flyaways (vs. air drying).
  • POWER AND VERSATILITY FOR EVERY HAIR TYPE: Powerful, fast-drying hair dryer for straight, wavy, curly, and coily hair.
  • COOL SHOT BUTTON: Helps close the cuticle and smooth the hair at the end of styling for a silky, frizz-free finish.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEAT AND AIRFLOW SETTINGS: The 3 heat and 3 airflow settings can be increased or decreased manually to low, medium, and high, based on your preference.
  • IQ 2-IN-1 CONCENTRATOR: Attach to Shark HyperAIR to dry and shape your hair in fewer steps.
  • IQ STYLING BRUSH: Attach to Shark HyperAIR to dry, straighten, and shine—all at the same time.

What you’ll get:




Seriously, I’m blown away. (Pun possibly intended). I don’t usually blow dry my hair for a few reasons. The main reason is it takes FOREVER. I have long, thick hair and by the time it’s even half way dry, I can’t hold my arms up any longer. Another reason is that my hair gets very frizzy when I blow dry, even with a brush, so I end up needing to run a straightener through it afterward. I went into this with low expectations but boy was I proven wrong. I don’t ever like to start blow drying my hair when it’s dripping wet, so I towel dried and then let air dry until it was maybe 25% dry. I used the brush attachment and used the highest air and heat settings. It took me SEVEN minutes. Seven. AND the brush attachment smoothed out the frizz so much that I didn’t even run a straightener through it! This is the real deal and worth every penny. The only “negative” thing I can say is that the cord is THICK!. But it didn’t affect use at all, just a bit awkward for storage purposes.

Curl Expert


I own a curly specific salon and we use various dryers including Dyson. Apples to apples the Shark IQ works better and at half the cost. We bought the Shark IQ in CAD for $199 and the diffuser attachment for $39 and it was love at first use! You’ll see amazing diffusing resulting in shiny curls and less frizz. The adjustable prong feature on the diffuser attachment is ingenious and really helps to maximize lift and volume. Shark iQ is an amazing hair dryer and value for the money! Just ordered the Airwave attachment and can’t wait to try it!



I am so pleased with this purchase. I’ve had it about a month and use it daily. My hair isn’t crazy thick, so it never took too long to dry, but it has significantly reduced the amount of time I spend drying my hair. I also now have options/attachments which allow me to style without the excessive heat of a flat iron or curling iron. The air waver & brush attachments are awesome! Air waver does take a little bit of practice but the curls are beautiful, voluminous and they hold. I’m definitely going to buy this as a gift for a friend.



No heat damage! That was the biggest selling point for me when I first read about this dryer. As someone who frequently colors my hair, I try to keep all other forms of styling damage to a minimum to keep my hair strong. Shark is well known for producing innovative products at a competitive price and this dryer is no exception. I love the sleek modern design and the ability to control the heat settings and airflow. The concentrator tool is wonderful for styling and the brush attachment gives you salon quality blow outs. I don’t find that this dryer is overly loud, it is higher pitched than my old one but honestly, for the dry I get in 1/4 of the time, with none of the damage, I’m okay with that. I have long hair and can easily go from wet to dry in about 6 minutes. I love everything about this dryer and would enthusiastically recommend it!