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Discover the Ayurvedic Wisdom on Preventing and Managing Autoimmune Conditions

How To Firm the Look of Saggy, Crepey Skin on the Face, Neck & Décolleté

Yet again, The Ayurveda Experience has something for my loves who are proudly aged 40s, 50s and beyond!

Have you noticed the skin on your neck and décolleté getting… saggy, droopy or crepey?

Recognize Your Personal Imbalances, Learn How to Correct Them Ayurvedically and Thrive in Your Own Native Physiological Climate

No simple ‘moisturizing cream’ will tackle these very real problems that skincare companies fail to talk about.

We all know that our skin ages with us: it loses collagen and elasticity and after 40 or 50 or 60 years, we can’t expect our skin to look as firm, tight and taut as it did in our 20s.

Do you know your ayurvedic body type? Take this FREE 3 minute quiz to find out!

Or can we?

If you’ve ever heard of Ayurveda (the Ancient Science of Life that originated in India over 5000 years ago), you’ll know that this holistic system of wellness has a large focus on self-care.

Many routines and practices in Ayurveda are made specifically to keep our skin looking and feeling young – and what makes Ayurveda so special is that it not only focuses on the face but on the entire body, including generally neglected parts like the neck and décolleté.

So According To Ayurveda, Here Are 5 Proven Ways To Firm The Look Of Saggy, Crepey Skin On The Face, Neck And Décolleté: 
 1) Understand What Causes Aging Skin To Get Droopy, Saggy or Crepey 
 2) Go BEYOND Simply Rubbing Creams & Serums On Your Skin 
 3) Use Oils Specific to Your Skin Type
 4) Use Polyherbal Formulations with Targeted Ingredients
 5) Use an Ancient, Proven, Time-Tested Formulation 

The Quintessential Hair Oil for Women and Men Above 35 For Soft, Lively, Lustrous Hair.

What if I tell you that there is a non-invasive, 100% natural, chemical-free Ayurvedic oil, that can answer all your dry and aging skin woes of your face, neck and décolleté?


Enriched with the multi benefits of Moisturization, Hydration, Firming and Toning, Intense Nourishment of established and proven Ayurvedic herbs such as Black Gram, Sesame Oil, Rice Bran, Nutgrass, Vetiver and more, this intense moisture boost supports dry, aging, saggy skin on the face, neck and décolleté and reduces their appearance over a few uses.

  • Smooths the look of wrinkles, fine line and neck lines
  • Specifically designed for dry skin to give ultra-moisturized yet non-greasy skin
  • Gives your skin juicy moisture and a dazzling glow
  • No tint, colorless oil
  • Firms and tones the appearance of sagginess and crepeyness on the face, neck and décolleté 
A Grounding Full Body Oil for Pre-Yoga Prep, For Yogis, Sportspersons, Seniors and anyone who would love an active lifestyle glowing with vitality!

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