[The Redhead Secret Club] How to Check Your Skin & Moles for Skin Cancer Risks 💗

How to check your skin & moles for skin cancer risks

As much as we don’t want to talk about skin cancer, we’ve got to be brave and face the facts.

Skin cancer is the second most common cancer in people aged 15-34, with more than a third found in people under the age of 55.

It’s well-known that redheads are at higher risk of skin cancer, including malignant melanoma, even without UV exposure. But you can help yourself; one of the most important ways of keeping an eye on things is to check your moles regularly and report any changes.

What should I check for?

Get to know your skin. In the shower or as you’re getting ready for the day, make a point of checking your skin and moles every few weeks.

Don’t ignore flat or raised moles, especially those that contain different pigment colouring. Bleeding or sore moles can be an important factor too, so it’s best to get these checked.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for new moles, and any patch of skin that changes size, shape or colour over the course of several weeks.

The ABCD Rule

Thanks to Cancer Research, there is an easy-to-remember checklist you can keep in mind when examining your moles. It follows ABCD: Asymmetry, Border, Colour and Diameter. If any of these change, arrange an appointment with your GP.

Asymmetry: Something abnormal and irregular changing in its shape

Border: Blurred or jagged edges of the area

Color: Pigmentation changing within parts of the area

Diameter: Increased size or change of shape

When should I get checked by my doctor?

Once you’ve noticed a change, visit your local GP. They may ask to see you again in a few weeks’ time, or they might schedule you a dermatology appointment at your local skin clinic.

Here, a dermatological specialist will use a special torch to look closely at the mole, as well as other parts of your skin and moles on the rest of your body.

If an area is considered at risk of being malignant, a biopsy may be taken, which is a scraping of cells to be sent away and tested. Alternatively, a simple procedure may be arranged for the mole to be removed completely, under local anaesthetic.

For delicate ginger flowers, it’s so important to know what’s healthy and normal for you. No one else knows your skin better than you do, and any changes or worries should be checked out by your doctor.

And, as always, wear SPF. Getting sunburned can double your risk of getting skin cancer, so be sensible in the sun!

[The Redhead Secret Club] 7 Ways to Boost Your Red Hair 😍

7 Ways to Boost Your
Red Hair Color and
Stop Your Ginger
Shade Fading

Whether your hair is natural or dyed red,
there’s always the fear that your ginger
shade might fade. Of all hair colours, red is
the hardest to maintain, but we like to think
that it’s all worth the effort, because in the
end you have the greatest hair colour on the

Here are the top tips for keeping your red
hair boosted to the max, and stopping the
dreaded fade.

1. Henna

Natural henna is the age-old way to both dye your hair red, as well as boost natural ginger shades. Depending on the amount, purity, length of application and shade of the henna you use, you will achieve different colour-boosting or dyeing effects on your hair.

Henna is great for improving the condition of your hair, too!

2. Cool Rinsing

You’ve probably heard this one, but it’s not an old wives tale – rinsing your hair with cool water after washing really works.

It’s true that warm water opens the hair’s cuticle to allow hair products to wash more effectively, but cold water helps to close the cuticle to seal in moisture from your conditioner, helping your hair look shinier, brighter and healthier (and if you’re a dyeing redhead, helps preserve your colour, too).

3. Cranberry Juice

Yes, it’s sticky. But if you’re looking for a quick fix to boost your red hair colour, try a couple of rinses of cranberry juice to add a bit of shine and shade to your hair.

4. Carrots

Similar to cranberry juice, the orangey colour of carrots can be used to concoct a natural cocktail of gingerness.

5. Leave-In Conditioner

A good quality leave-in conditioner helps to protect your hair from external influences: heat, cold, pollution, and more.

Spray leave-in conditioners leaves your hair feeling lighter than traditional leave-in conditioners, while getting all the benefits of shinier, brighter hair.

6. Hair Gloss

Hair is at its shiniest when the strands’ cells lay flat, allowing light to reflect off them more. As a deep conditioning treatment, hair gloss helps with this, by closing the hair and its cuticle really tight.

Those with damaged hair or wanting more moisture and shine should use a hair gloss every 4-6 weeks.

7. Low Heat Styling

It probably comes as no surprise to you that extreme heat is damaging to your hair. It dries out the strands, creates split ends, makes it harder to style, and makes it look less healthy. Which, in turn, makes it more vulnerable to losing colour.

Is that enough reasons not to use heat styling? We think so.

However, if you simply can’t live without your blow-dryer, simply turn down the heat and use the cool setting. Your hair will thank you for it.

[The Redhead Secret Club] Strange Redhead Facts – Did You Know These? 😮

Did you know these facts?

You’re harder to anesthetize

small study in the journal Anesthesiology found that redheaded women required 19 percent more of the anesthesia desflurane to be put to sleep than women with dark hair. Some scientists think that the protein mutation that causes red hair and fair skin makes redheads more sensitive to pain and therefore it’s more difficult to anesthetize them. Find out the secrets ER staff won’t tell you

You’re at risk for melanoma

According to a 2010 meta-analysis in the International Journal of Cancer, a fact about redheads is that they are about two and a half times as likely to develop the dangerous skin cancer as people with other hair colors. Have you checked your skin recently? Here’s more about why redheads are at higher risk for skin cancer.

You won’t go gray

One of the many facts about redheads is that their hair will never turn gray. The pigment in their hair that causes it to be red will just fade over time, causing their hair to turn blonde or white, but never gray. Are you ready to go gray? Here’s what happens to your hair when you stop coloring it.

You’re not going extinct

As science journalist Maggie Koerth-Baker writes, “Actually, redheads are stealthily infiltrating the rest of humanity.” Here’s her proof: Even though only 2 percent of people have red hair, 4 percent have the gene that makes redheads. (If you have freckles, you’re probably a carrier). So, while two redheads won’t produce a brunette, two brunettes could produce a redhead. Did you know that red hair and blue eyes are the rarest hair and eye color combination in the world?

Scientists have used birds and boars to understand redheads

In their attempt to understand how pheomelanin, the pigment that makes hair red, affects gingers’ health, scientists have examined similarly auburn-tinted feathers and fur. The results? Boars taught the experts that redheads may be at high risk for cellular damage from free radicals, and a study of more than 1,400 species of birds suggested that the pigment may be associated with smaller brain size. Check out these facts about animals you have all wrong.

Redheads have less hair

People without red hair have about 140,000 strands of hair, while people with red hair have only 90,000. But red hair tends to be thicker so it looks just as full. Find out the hair tricks from around the world that you should be using.

Bees are more attracted to you

Some scientific studies have found that bees are more attracted to people with red hair. This is one of the many strange facts about redheads. Research has found that it is most likely because of their hair’s resemblance to bright flowers. Now, find out the quirky traits you didn’t know you inherited.

You’re more sexually active than blondes or brunettes

“The sex lives of women with red hair were clearly more active than those with other hair colors, with more partners and having sex more often than the average,” Hamburg sex researcher Professor Werner Habermehl told the Daily Mail, after leading a survey of 6,000 German women through the Hamburg Medical Research Institute in Germany. Is that interesting or what?

You’re more likely to be left-handed

Another fun fact about redheads, they’re more likely to be left-handed. Both of these characteristics come from recessive genes, which typically come in pairs. These are the surprising benefits of being left-handed.

How many of these did you know?

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I’ve discovered The Redhead Secret Club and I want my ginger friends to be able to enjoy it. This world is geared towards brunettes and blondes and my mahogany-haired friends deserve to feel as special as they are. The RSC offers hair care products to help protect and maintain your ginger locks. They include skincare for those of you with delicate, porcelain skin, as well as various articles of clothing and other accessories… all made for redheads. Enjoy!

Maya Chia is a skincare brand that features the use of all-natural Chia seeds. Yes, like your Chia pet, those seeds. The Chia seeds powering Maya Chia’s formulations are sourced from Guatemala. They have unparalleled health and wellness properties. Chia Seeds are the most nutrient-dense botanical source of omega fatty acids, antioxidants and essential minerals – all of which have incredible skin benefits. Not all face oil is created equal. Maya Chia’s patented supercritical extraction method is a gentle oxygen-free, solvent-free process that results in oil with a total absence of chemical residues and impurities; and one that most closely mirrors the chemical profiles of the plant. From working with conscious growers harvesting Chia Seeds, to the exacting way they process their Chia Oil, Maya Chia ensures the highest quality and maximum potency.

Women…menstrual cramps, am I right? When I was growing up, I was told to just grin and bear them; it’s the price of bearing children. WHAT?! That was the ’80s and I’m sooooooo glad we’ve progressed since then and I fully expect my Zoomers and Gen Alpha women to re-educate these fools even further. Elix takes the Chinese Medicinal approach to our bodies’ harmony. It’s all about balance. They believe the only way to properly heal one area is by first understanding the context in which it exists. To determine your body’s unique pattern, Elix asks you to answer ~50 questions about your cycle and overall health, and submit a photo of your tongue. This reveals the imbalances causing your symptoms, as well as the recommended herbal treatment for healing them. This approach differs from Western medicine, which typically focuses on treating one symptom at a time. Honestly, if you’re suffering through period cramps every month – still! – and you haven’t found an effective way to manage them, give Elix a shot.

Beautiful, lacy, curvy girl bras and panties! Parfait makes the most beautiful lingerie… for my full-figured ladies. They support the body positivity movement by recognizing and embracing that women come in all shapes and sizes. To this day, they remain dedicated to designing functioning, well-fitting bras and creating a lingerie collection that can be as size and style inclusive as possible. Parfait is proud to be an integral part of a wonderful community that supports a broad demographic of women by providing great fitting lingerie that helps encourage them to look and feel their best every day.

I saved my favorite for last. Their clothes are so frickin’ cute! Do you have TikTok? Cider has been all over it amongst the teens and 20-somethings as the IT fashion brand right now. Their goal is to bring you everyday statement pieces that make you feel like the main character. With designs inspired by real people, real moments and real moods, each Cider piece is intentionally curated with specific references, occasions and aesthetics in mind, ensuring that every colorful sweater to retro mini dress inspires you.


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