Do You Watch Friends? 🦞

How you doin’ beautiful…

Today is International Friendship Day and Unhidden Beauty wanted to show you how much you mean to them!

So they made this Friends-inspired palette JUST for you…

… a little show of appreciation for always being their lobster 🦞😍

Click below to get yours!

Happy Lipstick Day! 💄💋

Let your lids match your lips…

Hey beautiful!

Today is International Lipstick Day… you haven’t forgotten, have you?

Unhidden Beauty has created the perfect palette around a quote from Coco Chanel…

Click below to create a palette that matches your favorite lipstick…

Level Up Your Eyeshadow Game 💅

Hey beautiful!

Summer break is in full swing, and Unhidden Beauty knows how important it is to feel your best…

So here are some simple tips to help you SLAY your favorite eyeshadow styles!

Be Unique With Unhidden Beauty

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Barbie Palettes Just Dropped! 💁🏼‍♀️

Hey beautiful!

Have I got great news for you….

Today, Unhidden Beauty added not just one, not two, but FIVE new Barbie-inspired palettes to their website!

Here they are… go wild!

New Love Island Starts Soon 💖

Hey beautiful!!

With the new series of Love Island just around the corner, take a look at our Love Island inspired palette!


Celebrating Clean Beauty Day 💗

Hey beautiful!

Did you know that each year, the beauty industry produces over 100 BILLION units of plastic?
Sadly, most of this goes into landfill, and often, our oceans ☹️
If this continues, by 2050 there might be more plastic in our oceans than fish!
But we’re proud to say at Unhidden Beauty, we’re making a difference by keeping your purchases clean💖

Neutrals To Die For 😍

Live Your Best Life EVERY Day

Hey beautiful!

Today is National Simplicity Day, so Unhidden Beauty has some neutral eyeshadows to make those ordinary weekdays JUST as exciting as the weekend!

Well, not quite, but it’s as close as it gets!

Click below to take a closer look💃

Sending You Kisses Today… 😘

Hey beautiful!

Did you know it’s International Kissing Day today?

It’s the perfect time to show your friends, family, or even your doggo how much you care about them… 💋

Let your lids match your lips with some of our best shades below…

And remember, for that special someone – don’t use too much tongue! 😜

Shop Kiss-Inspired Palettes…

In A Land Called Hanna-Lee 🐉

July 4th Flash Sale!

Hey beautiful!

We’ve got some great news for you…

To celebrate July 4th tomorrow, Unhidden Beauty is slashing 20% OFF their palettes & eyeshadows 😍

But be quick! The sale is for 1 day only.

Add your faves to your cart ready for tomorrow…

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Calling All Harry Styles Fans…

OMG guess what, hunny?!

Unhidden Beauty has FINALLY launched not one, but
TWO new Harry Styles-inspired palettes 😍

You’re gonna love them…

Harry Styles Inspired Palette
Harry Styles Inspired Palette

Choose how you like it…

✅Inspired by Fine Line (2019) & Harry’s House (2021)

✅Two sizes available: 8 or 12 eye palettes

✅Buy it empty for the design, fill it up yourself!