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[zeroUV Review] Specs

Sunglasses are fun because your body size doesn’t matter. Bloated? Uncontrollable weight loss? Big deal. I mean, yeah, it’s a big deal… go get yourself looked at… but sunglasses are the one apparel we can wear with confidence no matter how dumpy or yuck we think we look that day.

There really isn’t much else to say: they’re shades. They block UV waves and they look badass. I really had fun with their selection… as you can see, I’m a cat-eye kinda gal. Each set of shades comes individually-wrapped and with its own pouch for the after care.

I know I already mentioned their selection, but let’s mention their selection. Every shape, every style, every color you could think of. They have categories for different shaped lenses (flames, squares, butterfly), 90s retro eyewear, big old clout chasing sunglasses, and some always-cool Lennons ✌🏼 They even offer shades for kids! I bought my daughters Hello, Kitty sunglasses in their favorite colors 😊

Now let’s get into cost. They’re sunglasses so you won’t break the bank, but even then, they’re wallet friendly. Each pair is less than $20 and their shades on sale are just as cool (if not cooler, sometimes) as their regular collection! Shipping takes less than a week, with emails constantly letting you know of any changes in your order status. These guys are a pleasant experience for your sun-protecting needs; I’ve ordered from them three times now and I’m already perusing their site for another round of unique specs.

And — bonus — leave a review on their site showing your new specs and they’ll discount your next purchase!

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