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90% of women have our lives disrupted by menstrual symptoms every month. Taught to believe it’s “just part of being a woman,” we mask the pain with toxic drugs, alter our hormones with synthetic birth control, or cancel our plans and simply suffer.

None of this is normal and it ends now.

It’s time we listened to our bodies

The call-in-sick symptoms we feel during our cycle are our body’s way of crying out for help. Caused by hormonal imbalances, these symptoms can be relieved for good with elix’s holistic, herbal blends that are clinically proven to heal the body over time.

Cycle Balance

A tailored blend of medicinal herbs to holistically support menstrual symptoms by treating underlying imbalances.

93% of users report reduction in symptoms such as:

Heavy Bleeding
Mood Swings
Anxiety & Stress
Irregular Cycles

A holistic approach for a healthier cycle

Chinese Medicine views the body as harmoniously interconnected, with each part playing a crucial role in the health of the whole. The only way to properly heal one area is by first understanding the context in which it exists.

Daily Harmony

A clinical-strength blend of hormone-balancing herbs and adaptogens reduce the effects of stress to help you feel your best every day.

Widely loved for its ability to:

Enhance stress response
Support sleep
Boost energy & vitality
Aid digestion
Balance mood
Improve focus

To determine your body’s unique pattern, you’ll answer ~50 elix questions about your cycle and overall health, and submit a photo of your tongue. This reveals the imbalances causing your symptoms, as well as the recommended herbal treatment for healing them.

This approach differs from Western medicine, which typically focuses on treating one symptom at a time. Not only does this not address the underlying causes, but it can often generate side effects that require their own treatment—resulting in an endless game of medical whack-a-mole.