Mama Wunderbar

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Created with love and over 120 plants, Mama Wunderbar is pleased to be your destination for your mind and spirit needs.

Discover the power of flowers with her amazing smudge sticks (also comes in a spray). Whichever kit you’ve chosen, light your smudge stick to create a cleansing smoke bath, which will then be used to purify anything from people to ritual and ceremonial space, to tools and objects.

For example, take the This Too Shall Pass Smudge Kit featured on the left. Created to help with the increased anxiety and stress of these times we’re living in.

  • Handmade soothing bath salt that has both Epson salt and mineral Dead Sea salt to soothe and detox your body, as well as lavender essential oil, dried lavender buds, dried rose petals, and tumbled amethyst, for a true relaxation.
  • A blue sage smudge stick, because blue sage is great for creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere while also cleansing the negative energy around. Blue sage is often used to aid mediation as well.
  • A Palo Santo stick engraved with the saying “This too shall pass,” because during a time like this when things become too much to handle it can be helpful to take a step back from everything and to remember that the moment you’re in right now will not be forever and everything is ever changing, so no matter how bad it gets, it will always get better. This smudge stick will also assist in bringing forth positive energy and can help enhance your creative energy as well while also dispelling negative energy.
  • A sandalwood rope incense to burn in your home. The scent can aid in relieving anxiety and break through feelings of melancholy. It is also beneficial during mediation.
  • Tumbled Amethyst will assist you in the clearing of negative thoughts and helps to relive stress.
  • Tumbled Rhodonite is the “first aid stone” and can help with grief, loss, heartache, and illness.
  • Selenite is good for “mind clearing,” it helps to bring forth harmony, balance, and benefits communication.

Astonishing Healing Products For Your Mind & Spirit

And all of her smudge kits are like this: thoughtful and made with care. When you use her products, you just KNOW you’re getting the best of the best of the best in metaphysical care.